The Future of Distribution


Elevate Your Creative Vision with StreamLivestream

In an era where content is king, the paths to distributing and monetizing your creative work are evolving. Why let studios, labels, and corporate platforms dilute the essence of your art and earnings when you can take control? StreamLivestream is here to revolutionize how your films and music reach audiences, ensuring you keep the majority of the revenue you rightfully earn. 

For Filmmakers:

Imagine a platform where your cinematic creations are not just content but cultural phenomena. StreamLivestream offers an unparalleled distribution model that keeps you in the director's chair – not just of your film but of your financial destiny. Our unique digital delivery system enables you to transfer your films to any theater worldwide equipped with a digital projector. This means the magic of the big screen is still within your grasp, complementing your digital presence.

We advocate for "four-walling" – renting out theaters to showcase your work. This method not only amplifies your film’s visibility but also its profitability, creating an event out of your movie and driving up ticket sales. With StreamLivestream, your reach is only limited by your imagination, not by geographical or financial constraints.

For Music Producers:

The live music experience is irreplaceable, but what if you could amplify it? Adding a livestream to your live shows can exponentially expand your audience and ticket sales, breaking down the barriers of physical venues. StreamLivestream empowers music producers to broadcast live performances to a global audience, turning a single city show into a worldwide event.

This dual approach maximizes your revenue streams – ticket sales from in-person attendees and viewers tuning in from the comfort of their homes. More than just a platform, StreamLivestream is a partner in amplifying your music, ensuring artists and producers like you receive the lion's share of the profits.

The Future of Distribution: We partnered with Faber/NEP (Netherlands) and other major providers to deliver cutting-edge broadcast services and Smart Stages featuring LED walls, meticulously crafted and bolstered by virtual production experts. Envision your event or project springing to life in breathtaking environments that transport your audience to unimaginable realms. 

Your platform, your rules! With an intuitive computer-based control panel compatible with both Mac and PC, you wield the power to custom tailor your control panel. We can also provide your own branded mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. Disseminate content through the latest HTML5 video player, your platform comes complete with content manager, card processing and ticketing engine so fans can seamlessly purchase livestream tickets, recorded content and merchandise on a video player integrated into your Website. And the Big Deal? You retain full ownership of your content so you can . . . 

  • Establish your own private channel
  • Broadcast club dates, tours and new releases at your convenience
  • Own or rent/subscribe a fully supported platform
  • Eliminate the technical intricacies

Captivate your audience with HD content, whether captured on professional digital cameras or smartphones. Reach viewers in any country, state, city or postal code, delivering broadcast-quality streams available on any internet-enabled device. Monetize your artistry with subscriptions or pay-per-view models, sponsorships, product placement and a patent pending user-customizable ad application*.

The future has arrived, placing control of your creativity in your hands for as little as a $500/month subscription. StreamLivestream empowers you to control the revenue generated from concerts, live events, behind-the-scenes, Q&A sessions, a-day-in-the-life and more.

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