Feature-Rich Platform

Our Feature-Rich Platform

Livestream From Studios, Stadiums, Indoors or Outdoors . . . 

If your desired venue doesn't have adequate bandwidth, NP, we can fix that!

  • Livestream regionally, nationally or globally

  • Your content will scale to fit any Internet capable device

  • Embed our HTML5 video player into any Website

  • Apple AirPlay users can transfer content streams between devices
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) secures all money transactions
  • Monetize content via Pay-per-view, purchase and/or ad-supported

  • Schedule ads to play before, during or after your content
  • Includes content manager, card processing & ticketing engine

  • Optional on-screen links to buy merch live, online 

  • Optional live, interactive on-screen chat
  • Choose the locales where your content can be seen

  • DRM and end-to-end encrypted connections for maximum security

  • Larix Broadcaster app supports livestreams from iOS devices
  • Optional custom-branded iOS and Android mobile apps available
  • Track detailed data analytics in real-time:
    • Number of unique visitors
    • Number of registered users
    • Current number of viewers
    • Number of viewers for the day, since 12 AM
    • Percent of viewers per device: (web, iOS, Android, etc.)
    • Total number of views
    • Total number of views per calendar day


Contact: andre.fortune@nTangibleMedia.com / (646) 327-2241